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South Carolina, Inland Colleton

Public Information Statement

Statement as of 7:00 AM EDT on May 25, 2015

... National hurricane preparedness week continues...

Hurricanes and other tropical cyclones create numerous
threats... including storm surge... damaging winds... flooding
rainfall... tornadoes... rip currents... high surf and beach erosion.
Today we will discuss storm surge... the greatest threat to life and
property along the coast.

Storm surge is a large dome of water... often 50 to 100 miles wide...
that pushes inland mostly to the right of where a tropical cyclone
crosses the coast. The surge of high water... in addition to
dangerous battering waves... can produce massive destruction near the
immediate coast. However... the surge can also push well
inland... especially in low-lying areas near waterways such as rivers
and inlets. The coasts of South Carolina and Georgia are
particularly vulnerable to storm surge due to this reason as well as
the low elevation of the land... concave shape of the coastline and
shallow Continental shelf offshore. Typically... the larger and
stronger the storm the greater the surge will be.

During tropical cyclones the National Weather Service provides
information regarding inundation... or the depth of water above the
ground at any given location. Inundation incorporates the
astronomical tide as well as the forecasted storm surge.

For additional information on hurricanes visit the following websites...

National Hurricane Center... www.Hurricanes.Gov

National Weather Service Charleston... www.Weather.Gov/chs/tropical

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