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Statement as of 2:59 AM MDT on August 29, 2014

... Today in Metro Denver weather history...

19-30 in 1875... grasshoppers appeared in great numbers at 10:00 am
        on the 19th. Thousands landed on the ground. The streets
        were literally covered with them. Swarms of grasshoppers
        were seen on each day. All gardens in the city were
        devastated... and in the Countryside the grasshoppers were
        very destructive to ripened grain. On the 30th the
        grasshoppers were so numerous as to almost darken the sun.
29 in 1876... after the passage of a gentle rain shower to the east
        during the late evening hours... the moon shone brightly and
        a remarkably bright lunar Rainbow appeared.
      In 1910... an apparent cold front produced sustained northeast
        winds to 40 mph.
      In 1946... the high temperature warmed to only 55 degrees... the
        record low maximum for the month.
      In 1989... a spectacular lightning display knocked out power to
        300 blocks in southeast Denver. One Bolt started a fire in
        a lumber yard in the northeast part of the city... and the
        attic of a home in the same area was set ablaze by a
        lightning Bolt.
      In 1996... 3/4 inch diameter hail was measured in Parker.
      In 2000... lightning struck two homes in Thornton. The extent
        of damage was unknown.
      In 2002... two small tornadoes caused damage in southeast Metro
        Denver. The first tornado... associated with a multi-vortex
        storm... touched down briefly near E-470 and South Jordan
        Road. Some fences were damaged... and a few trees were blown
        down. A few of the homes also sustained minor roof damage.
        Damage from this storm totaled 100 thousand dollars. The
        second tornado associated with the storm touched down in a
        subdivision that was under construction at Gartrell and
        Arapahoe roads. Four large condominiums under construction
        were destroyed. The most heavily damaged portions of the
        structures were still in the framing stages. Adjacent
        sections where enclosed walls were in place were not
        destroyed. A man suffered 4 broken ribs and several cuts
        and bruises when the trailer he sought shelter in was
        flipped three times and torn apart by the twister. Damage
        from this storm totaled 6 million dollars.
        A severe thunderstorm produced 1 inch diameter hail near
      In 2006... severe thunderstorms produced large hail in the
        foothills west of Denver. Hail to 1 inch in diameter fell
        near Blackhawk. Hail as large as 7/8 inch was measured
        near Idaho Springs... along with 3/4 inch hail near Nederland
        and Conifer.

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