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Statement as of 2:59 AM MDT on June 25, 2016

... Today in Metro Denver weather history...

22-26 in 2012... the maximum temperature exceeded 100 degrees for
        five consecutive days. Two of the high temperatures on
        the 25th and 26th peaked at 105 degrees... which set the
        all time record for the month of June and tied the all
        time maximum temperature for Denver.
25 in 1873... Forest fires produced a great deal of smoke in the
        mountains to the southwest of the city.
      In 1958... an unusually cold day for Summer set two temperature
        records for the date. Under cloudy skies with occasional
        drizzle... a record low maximum temperature of 55 degrees was
        established along with a record minimum temperature of 42
      In 1959... a waitress... working at a Kitchen sink... was injured
        by a Bolt of lightning... which struck the rear of a tavern
        in Denver. She was hospitalized.
      In 1971... a tornado touched down briefly at a High School
        football field in Brighton... but caused no damage.
      In 1981... 3/4 inch hail pelted Wheat Ridge and hail to 1 1/4
        inches fell in Louisville. A brief funnel cloud was
        sighted by National Weather Service personnel 4 miles east
        of Stapleton International Airport.
      In 1982... a Bolt of lightning struck a cabin in the foothills
        west of Denver. The resulting fire totally destroyed the
      In 1987... Golf Ball size hail fell near Bennett.
      In 1988... a tornado touched down 1 mile south of Watkins and
        was on the ground for 4 minutes. Another tornado was
        spotted just southeast of Barr Lake and was on the ground
        for 5 minutes. No damage was reported from either tornado.
        Lightning struck Two Rock climbers near Eldorado Springs.
        A 25-year-old man was killed... and a 21-year-old man
        suffered extensive injuries. Thunderstorm winds knocked
        over two Elm trees near downtown Denver. One fell on a
        house destroying most of it. A nearby building was
        unroofed... and two cars were damaged. A truck that had been
        severely damaged by one of the Denver tornadoes 10 days
        before was hit again. Thunderstorm wind gusts to 51 mph
        were recorded at Stapleton International Airport.
      In 1991... the temperature reached a high of 100 degrees...
        setting a new record for the date.
      In 1997... one inch diameter hail fell in Arvada and 1 1/2
        inch hail in Boulder. Hail as large as 3/4 inches fell
        in Denver... Louisville... Westminster... and near Broomfield.
      In 1999... thunderstorm winds gusted to 58 mph near Fort
        Lupton toppling an oil rig. A 37-year-old man was killed
        when he fell 55 feet from the derrick of the rig.
      In 2001... four golfers and one construction worker received
        minor injuries from a nearby lightning strike on the
        Broadlands Golf course in Broomfield.
      In 2002... hail to 1 inch in diameter was measured in Greenwood
      In 2005... hail to 3/4 inch in diameter fell near Bennett and
        Roggen. A thunderstorm wind gust to 61 mph was recorded
        near Golden.
      In 2009... lightning struck the Darlington Prismatic Electric
        Fountain in city park's lake. The damage was estimated to
        be approximately $25000.
      In 2010... wind gusts associated with a dry microburst downed
        several trees in the vicinity of 14th and federal... and
        near bayaud St. And Clarkson St. In Denver. At Denver
        International Airport... a peak wind gust to 45 mph was
        observed from the southwest.
25-26 in 1969... high winds raked Boulder causing one fatality and
        some injuries. One man was injured by a falling tree limb.
        At the National center for atmospheric research in Boulder...
        sustained winds of 55 to 60 mph with wind gusts to 123 mph
        were recorded. In downtown Boulder... winds averaged 30 to 40
        mph with gusts to 70 mph. Widespread minor damage occurred...
        especially in The Table Mesa area of south Boulder. Much
        tree damage occurred in the older areas of Boulder where
        several trees were uprooted. A Mobile home was overturned
        by the winds. At Stapleton Airport... west winds gusted to
        43 mph on the 25th and 37 mph on the 26th.
      In 1975... strong winds damaged utility lines... buildings...
        vehicles... trees... and power lines in Boulder and other
        communities to the north of Boulder. Microburst winds
        gusted to 45 mph at Stapleton International Airport on
        the 25th.
      In 1983... heavy rain fell in the foothills west of Denver with
        1.50 inches in 30 minutes at intercanyon. Heavy rain
        continued over Metro Denver on the 26th with two-day
        storm totals at many locations ranging from 1.00 to 2.50
        inches. Rainfall totaled 1.37 inches at Stapleton
        International Airport on the 26th.
      In 1985... one to two inches of rain fell over Metro Denver.
        At Stapleton International Airport... rainfall totaled 0.93
        inches... thunderstorm winds gusted to 44 mph... and 7/10 inch
        hail was measured. The air mass was unusually cold for the
        season... and snow fell in the foothills above 8 thousand
        feet. The high temperature of only 63 degrees on the
        26th equaled the record low maximum reading for the date.

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