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Statement as of 2:59 AM MDT on July 26, 2014

... Today in Metro Denver weather history...

13-5 in 2008... a streak of 24 consecutive days of 90 degrees
        shattered the previous record of 18 consecutive days
        established in 1901 and 1874. Ironically... no new single
        day record high temperatures were set in the month of July.
        In August however... a record of 104 degrees was set on the
        1st... and another record of 103 degrees was set on the 2nd.
        In addition... a record low min of 70 degrees was set on
        August 2nd.
18-2 in 1987... a streak of 16 consecutive days of 90 degrees
        ranked 4th on the list of hot streaks. The record of
        24 consecutive days was established in the Summer of
26 in 1891... a thunderstorm produced sustained northeast winds
        to 44 mph with gusts to 60 mph and 0.16 inch of rain.
      In 1894... a thunderstorm produced sustained southwest winds
        to 36 mph with gusts to 58 mph... but only 0.04 inch of rain.
      In 1910... the high temperature reached 100 degrees in
        downtown Denver.
      In 1959... a Denver man was stunned while standing by a car
        that was struck by lightning. He was treated for Burns and
        shock at a local hospital. Thunderstorm winds gusted to 55
        mph at Stapleton Airport.
      In 1983... two heavy thunderstorms hit the northern and western
        suburbs. The first drenched Northglenn with an inch of rain
        in 30 minutes. The second storm dumped an inch or more of
        rain in Idaho Springs and Evergreen. The heaviest rainfall...
        2.90 inches in an hour... caused minor street flooding in
      In 1984... heavy early morning thunderstorms drenched the
        foothills southwest of Denver. Rainfall to 1 1/2 inches in
        just 30 minutes occurred between Evergreen and Conifer. In
        nearby Turkey Creek Canyon... 1.80 inches of rain was recorded
        in 35 minutes.
      In 1985... a long rope-like white tornado touched down 5 miles
        east of Erie and stayed on the ground... mainly over an open
        field... for 18 minutes. However... the twister damaged a few
        cars on I-25 and injured 3 people from broken glass. The
        storm flipped over a Van... blew out car windows... and ripped
        a Highway sign. It also blew an outbuilding off its
        foundation. A tornado also touched down briefly 8 miles
        north of Bennett. No damage was reported from this storm.
      In 1988... a 9-year-old girl was slightly injured by lightning
        in Parker.
      In 2003... a severe thunderstorm in and south of Franktown
        produced hail as large as 1.75 inches in diameter
26-27 in 1885... heavy cloudbursts on the Palmer Divide south of
        Denver caused flooding on Cherry Creek in the city
        overnight. The high water washed away street and Railroad
        bridges and a few houses. The flood waters completely
        inundated the rail yards in lower downtown. This was the
        worst flood on Cherry Creek since may 19-20... 1864... but the
        damage was mitigated by stream improvements and fewer
        structures near The Channel. There was also no simultaneous
        flood on the South Platte river to slow the flow of water
        through the city. Rainfall in the city was only 0.08 inch
        on the 26th.

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